Please download our policy Flitch – Covid Guidance for Parents



If your child has any specific Covid symptoms (, please keep them at home, and arrange for them to be tested and inform us as soon as possible.  If the test is positive we will need to inform the Public Health England team and Ofsted. Please rest assured the Government guidance is very  clear on confidentiality and all information will be handled sensitively.

Help from home

The Government have put in place new laws and stricter measures in relation to social gatherings in England . We would ask  for your support to respect these rules to help keep us all safe, in any arrangements you make at this time. It would also be appreciated, if any of your direct family do any overseas travel that you inform the pre-school before you go.

For the well-being of the children we, as a community, need to do as much as we can to keep the pre-school open. To achieve this, collaboration and support from parents and carers all will ensure a successful and positive term.