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Adverse Weather Policy

The safety of our children, staff and the families who use our Pre-School is of the utmost importance to us. We will therefore endeavour to remain open where possible during adverse weather conditions, but this will heavily depend upon a number of circumstances.

The decision to close will also depend upon; how many staff members are able to safely travel to work, the building inside, and outside is accessible and safe, and the temperature is suitable for the children when inside.

We cannot open unless the minimum correct adult:child ratio can be met. Therefore, if only a certain number of staff members are able travel to work on this day, we will have to close the Pre-School.

We will seek advice and follow in due course with the Local Schools and closures in the area. The safety of everyone accessing the Pre-School is the most important thing.

In the event that the Pre-school has to be closed we will endeavour to inform parents as soon as possible. Parents will be advised either by email or by notification on the Home page of our website.

If you are worried about making a journey in adverse weather then please delay setting off until you are sure that the pre-school is open. Our staff will also be making their way to the pre-school and could be delayed by the weather so we may take the decision to delay our opening times to ensure everyone’s safe journey to work and pre-school.

Most of the time, travel and the operation of the Pre-school can remain normal, but we ask that all parents understand the need for safety when faced with adverse weather. Snow can be very exciting for the children and we like to be able to make these times fun for the children and incorporate learning opportunities so we will do our best to remain open!

Thank you in advance for your support.